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Hello! E.M. Kelly here, welcome!

A little about me: I'm a huge fan of action thrillers and Post-Apocalypse themed books and movies. My favorite authors are Stephen King, Lee Child and Dan Brown.

I recently published my first book, Addiction & Pestilence, which is a fast-paced action-packed thriller. Think of it as if Lee Child's Jack Reacher meets Stephen King's The Stand with Dan Brown's breakneck pacing. What you have is a gritty dystopian page-turner with kick ass characters. 

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I'm currently working on my second book, Demons & War - Coming 2019

Let me know what you think of Addiction & Pestilence. Good, bad or indifferent. Looking forward to hearing from you!

-E.M. Kelly

Addiction & Pestilence


A secret and crippling sickness is released.

The world is plunged into chaos.

Can an alcoholic seeking redemption rise up to save humanity?

Drew Murphy is an alcoholic. Following an explosive argument about his drinking, his wife finally decides to leave him. As if things couldn’t get worse, the next morning he awakens to a phone call beckoning him to his dying mother’s bedside. Once in Florida, a pestilence (plague) of biblical proportions is unleashed. Soon, the country is plunged into chaos and countless die as society begins to crumble. Drew will do whatever it takes to get home to his wife and young daughter. Left with no option, this E.M.T. and former Marine must take matters into his own hands as he makes the long journey home on foot through a lawless and violent land, where no one can be trusted. Can Drew overcome his addiction and find redemption as he fights through a disintegrating society to save his family, friends and ultimately humanity?

Hang on tight because you’re in for one hell of a ride! Addiction & Pestilence is a fast-paced action-packed thriller you won’t easily forget! Grab your copy now!



"Thriller! Like watching a movie!"

-Rafael Hines, best-selling author of Bishop's War

“If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s The Stand, you’ll love this book!”

-Kayla Krantz, author of The Council

“Kelly’s characters are some of the best I have read in a long time.”


“This is one of those books that you finish reading and think, “How could I sum up the words to express ho exciting it was to read”.” 

– Peggy Jo Wipf for Readers’ Favorite

“The pacing is fast, the action intense, and the entire narrative filled with great emotional intelligence. I was hypnotized, transformed, and found myself rooting for the characters. The writing is infused with realism and a fine sense of humanity. The grittiness is real, the psychological elements of the narrative strong, and the character development is expertly handled.” 

– Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

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Coming 2019!

Demons & War

Join Drew, Steve, Cass and the others as they continue their journey home. Who will survive when the Red Horseman arrives and brings the greatest War the world has ever seen? Demons, everyone has them, but who will survive when they surface? 

There is nowhere to hide!

Coming 2020!

Famine & The Struggle Within

The journey through Hell continues!


Addiction & Pestilence - Book I - Available Now!

It has begun! The first of the Four Horsemen has arrived on his white horse and unleashed a great Pestilence. Can a broken man with a haunted past overcome his addiction and save the world?  Find out now!

Demons & War - Book II - Coming 2019

There is nowhere to hide! The second Horseman has arrived riding the red horse of War! Those who survived the wrath of pestilence must now try and survive the greast war the world has ever seen while battling their own Demons.

Famine & The Struggle Within - Book III - Coming Soon

The Struggle is real! The third Horseman has arrived on his black horse and has released Famine! What will the survivors do when all of the crops and vegetables start to die off? Not only that, they must contend with The Struggle Within! 

Death & Redemption - Book IV - Coming Soon

Death is here! The fourth and final horseman has arrived upon his pale horse and he has brought death. With their numbers dwindling, who will survive Hell on Earth and who will find redemption? 

I'd love to hear from you!

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E.M. Kelly



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