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E.M. Kelly is an award winning thriller author.

Enemies of Church

A Detective Colton Baker Thriller

What does America’s first traitor have to do with a present day killer?

Stoughton detective, Colton Baker, finds himself wrapped up in a murder investigation on his first day. A woman’s body has been found brutally murdered and mutilated with bizarre symbols.

As more bodies begin to turn up, all with the same mysterious symbols, both the State Police and FBI become involved. Quickly, the investigation turns political as an influential mob boss with ties to the town is suspected.

Baker and Agent Diaz, a young, beautiful FBI academy graduate, put agency grievances and politics aside to begin their hunt for the killer together.

Their investigation into the strange symbols leads them back to the year 1775 just prior to the start of the Revolutionary War. Through the town’s historian they discover a long-forgotten founding father used those symbols in encrypted messages to betray his country.

Baker and Diaz must race to crack the code and find the connection between the country’s first traitor and the sadistic killer in order to stop them before they strike again.

Some secrets are worth killing for!

Coming 2023!

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A Drew Murphy Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Series

Can one man overcome his past and save his family and mankind from the wrath of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Drew Murphy has an attitude with a fast mouth and is a character you’ll love to hate, yet you’ll find yourself rooting for him and his companions. Don’t miss this award-winning series that will sink its hooks into you and drag you along for one hell of a ride!

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What does America’s first traitor have to do with a present day killer?

Some secrets are worth killing for!

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