Drew Murphy: A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller series

Can one man overcome his past and save his family and mankind from the wrath of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Drew Murphy has an attitude with a fast mouth and is a character you’ll love to hate, yet you’ll find yourself rooting for him and his companions. Don’t miss this award-winning series that will sink its hooks into you and drag you along for one hell of a ride!

Pestilence: A Drew Murphy Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Book I

It Has Begun!
Drew Murphy is a former Marine and works as an EMT in Boston. While visiting his mother in Florida, Pestilence, a man-made virus is released. Panic and chaos ensue as a plague of biblical proportions circles the globe, spreading like wildfire.

Trapped hundreds of miles from home and surrounded by the madness of a crumbling society, Drew teams up with Steve, a recovering addict who has recently found God. The pair must put aside their beliefs and work together if they want to survive and make it home.

Meanwhile, Annabelle, Drew’s wife, must face unprecedented challenges in the face of a pandemic. Having always relied on others, she’s now forced to fend for herself, while caring for her elderly mother and toddler daughter. She quickly finds out what she’s made of.

Can Drew safely get through the violent and lawless land? Will he make it home in time to save his family? Or will his own demons drag them all down?

Pestilence is an action-packed thriller you won’t easily forget. Don’t miss this award-winning first installment of E.M. Kelly’s A Journey Through Hell series

Contains strong language and violence.

War: A Drew Murphy Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Book II

There’s nowhere to hide.
The time of the virus has passed, but war now looms on the horizon. When fighting breaks out all over the world it quickly becomes every man and woman for themselves.

Compelled by fear, an injured Drew Murphy, tormented by his own demons, is determined to get home to rescue his family from the vilest of mankind.

Hundreds of miles away, life tests Annabelle Murphy in ways she never imagined, forcing her to do whatever it takes, even the unthinkable, to keep her family alive.

Meanwhile, news anchor Glen Daniels has arrived in New York City and has become the face of the country as it rebuilds.

They say absolute power corrupts…but what happens if Glen and the studio’s crew fall into the hands of evil men hell-bent on destroying humanity?

Drew and friends race to New York City to try and stop the most devastating war the world has ever seen.

Will anyone survive? 

Don’t miss this exciting continuation to E.M. Kelly’s award-winning series!

Contains strong language and violence.

Coming Soon!

Famine: A Drew Murphy Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Book III

Drew Murphy Returns!

Famine, the third Horseman of the Apocalypse, is released. Crops and vegetation all around the world wither and die. As food becomes scarce, one man offers food and shelter in exchange for allegiance, but at a cost.

Drew Murphy and friends must not only find food, but must fend off those charged with killing him. The antichrist has a plan to kill off Drew once and for all.

Don’t miss this exciting continuation of E.M. Kelly’s award-winning series A Journey Through Hell

Contains strong language and violence.