Drew Murphy Series

The world has gone to Hell in a handbasket.

First, there was a plague of biblical proportions in Pestilence.

Then came a War like the world has never seen before.

Next, Drew and his traveling companions will face Famine, where food has become so scarce that people will kill for a slice of bread.

Drew Murphy is built like a tank.

Think of him like Jack Reacher and John McClane rolled into one

He’s fast with his fists, has an even faster mouth, and tells it like it is.

He takes no crap but dishes out plenty of it.

Oh yeah, and he has a drinking problem.

He’s just what the world needs!

Pestilence: A Drew Murphy Novel

It Has Begun!

Drew Murphy is an alcoholic on the verge of divorce. Hundreds of miles away from home, an evil presence releases Pestilence, the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Panic and chaos ensue as a plague of biblical proportions circles the globe spreading like wildfire.

Annabelle, Drew’s wife, must face the fact that not only is her marriage over but deal with unprecedented challenges in the face of a pandemic.

Surrounded by the madness of a crumbling society, Drew, an EMT and former Marine, teams up with Steve, a recovering addict who has now found God. The pair must put their beliefs aside and work together if they wish to survive.
Can Drew lead the group safely through a violent and lawless land? Will he make it home in time to save his family or will his demons drag them all down?

Pestilence: A Drew Murphy Novel is an award-winning, action-packed thriller you won’t easily forget. Don’t miss the electrifying start of this modern-day retelling of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

 Contains strong language and violence.

Available Now for Free!

WAR: A Drew Murphy Novel

There’s nowhere to hide.

The time of the virus has passed, but war now looms on the horizon.

Compelled by fear, an injured Drew Murphy, tormented by his own demons, is determined to get home to save his family from the vilest of mankind.

Hundreds of miles away, Annabelle Murphy must do the unthinkable. Life will test her in ways she never imagined, forcing her to fight in order to save her young daughter and elderly mother.

Meanwhile, news anchor Glen Daniels has arrived in New York City and has become the face of the country as it rebuilds. Evil has returned and is prepared to release war, the second Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Possessing anyone in its path, his plan will stop at nothing to destroy Drew Murphy.

Can Drew and his newfound friends stop the aftermath of the ominous entity and survive the most devastating war the world has ever seen?

Don’t miss this exciting continuation to E.M. Kelly’s award-winning Drew Murphy series.

Contains strong language and violence.

Available Now for $0.99!

FAMINE: A Drew Murphy Novel

Coming Soon!

Drew Murphy Returns!

Famine, the third Horseman of the Apocalypse has been freed. Crops and vegetation all around the world wither and die. As food becomes scarce, one man offers food and shelter in exchange of allegiance, but at a cost.

Drew Murphy and friends must not only find food but must fend off those charged with killing him. The evil entity has a plan to kill off Drew once and for all.

Don’t miss this exciting continuation of the Drew Murphy series!

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